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Wet Hair



New York    December 3rd, 4th <Sunday & Monday / 4 times a year>

DISTRICT 87 Hair Salon

136 Bowery New York, New York

San Francisco    <Sunday & Monday / 4 times a year>

CODE salon

370 4th Street Second Floor, San Francisco, CA 94107


email to :


Destination Price

Base Color starts $255 / 1-2 hours


Partial Highlights Retouch + Shadow roots starts $545 / 2-4 hours

Highlights + Shadow roots starts $645 / 3-4hours 

Toner/Gloss $215 / 30min

Other Color Services

please email for online consultation.

Color takes anywhere 2-5 hours.

I am traveling with Hiro / Hairstylist

to New York. 

Women Haircut $275 / 60min

*Destination Cancellation Policy

Please give us 5 days prior notice instead of 24 hours for any changes to your appointment.


I will get back to you with in ASAP

in regards to an appointment, advice, or current schedule and availability. 


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